Upthorn (the_cowch) wrote,

The MSG gave back your whole vocabulary. I just can't write you using words that I don't know

<Liontamer> P.O.O.P.
<DrumUltimA> people order our patties
<quine> Poop On Our Penises
<quine> recursive acronymns are more fun
<Upthorn> QUINE Usually Isn't iNtelligently Expressed
<quine> HEY, Everyone's Yappin'
<Upthorn> YAP At People
<quine> YEP, Except Ponies
<Upthorn> PONIES Originate Newly In European Sewers
<quine> HMM, Maybe, Maybe
<Upthorn> MAYBE All Yesterdays Berate Existentialism
<quine> PERHAPS Everyone Randomly Hears Another Person Speaking
<Upthorn> EVERYONE Very Exaggeratedly Reacts, Yelling Out Nightly Exclamations
<quine> DRAB Recursive Acronym Battle
<Upthorn> BATTLE At The Town's Liquor Establishment
<quine> HOWEVER, Organisms Will Enjoy Very Early Reprises
<Upthorn> ORGANISMS Rally Gay Argentinian Nationals In Southern Maryland Swamps
<quine> FAIL At Illustrious Lies
<Upthorn> LIES Incorporate Exaggerated Stories
<quine> NICE Image, Colonel Eisenhower
<Upthorn> IMAGE May Appear Greatly Enlarged
<quine> TRUTH Rings Utmost To Haters
<starla> ... guys
<quine> haha, i think upthorn wins
<quine> mine stopped making sense
<Upthorn> That was fun

yeah, this was really a lot more fun than you'd think
Tags: word games
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