Upthorn (the_cowch) wrote,

And I will whisper "no".

I saw tne Watchmen movie tonight, and my overall feeling is that it did the graphic novel justice. Yes, some parts which would have helped to bring the story into a fuller light were cut. However, strictly speaking, they weren't necessary to follow the story.
In fact, when I read the graphic novel, I skipped over "Under the Hood" and "Tales of the Black Freighter" segments when I got to them, and then went back and read them after I finished the storyline proper.
Perhaps, though, it would have worked better as two 2.5 hour movies instead of one 3 hour film.

My only complaints are that the director perhaps overemphasized the blood&gutsiness of the action sequences (similarly to "The 300", but on nowhere near the scale) and the actioniness of the jailbreak scene.

I definitely liked the film, though, and would recommend it to fans of the original work. Very much unlike the film adaptation of V for Vendetta, which I could not make it through in one sitting because of my disgust at how terribly everyone involved had missed the point of the original work.
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